• Event Info

    Date: Saturday & Sunday, November 6-7, 2021
    Location: York Expo Center 334 Carlisle Ave, York, PA 17404
    Phone: (833) TYRANT1
    Adult: $25 per day / $45 all session pass
    Children 10 & Under: $10 per day / $20 all session pass
    Children 4 & Under: Free

  • Divisions

    High School: 8th-12th grade
    Weight Class: 98 106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285
    Periods: Championship 2-2-2 / Consolation 1-2-2

    Weight Class: 72 76 80 84 88 92 96 100 105 110 115 120 130 140 160 210 235
    Periods: Championship 1:30-1:30-1:30 / Consolation 1-1:30-1:30

    Weight Class: 52 56 60 64 68 72 76 80 84 88 92 96 100 110 130
    Periods: 1:30

    Weight Class: 44 48 52 56 60 64 68 72 78 84 90
    Periods: Championship & 1-1-1

    Girls: 7-12th grade
    Weight Class: 88 94 100 106 112 117 122 127 132 138 144 152 164 180 200 225
    Periods: 2-2

    Entry Fee:
    Register early & save! Registration will remain open until it is sold out. 
    $60 Online registration by September 30th (early bird special)
    $75 Online registration by October 16th
    No walk-ins accepted

    -NCAA out of bounds rule
    -Awards for top 6 place finishers
    -Double elimination through 6th place

  • Hotels

    Tyrant Wrestling is partnered with EventConnect. Tournament discounted rates are available at these hotels. Individual room reservations can be made or coaches / team leaders can book team blocks.

    Click, call or email to make your reservation
    Click here to make an online reservation
    Call (888) 723-2064 to reserve by phone

  • Schedule

    Friday, November 5, 2021
    3:00-4:30pm Early weigh-ins ($20 per wrestler)
    6:30-8:00pm Weigh-ins

    Saturday, November 6, 2021
    8:00-9:00am Weigh-ins
    9:00am Doors open
    10:00am Wrestling begins

    Sunday, November 7, 2021
    8:00am Doors open
    9:00am Wrestling begins
    Awards at the conclusion of each weight class

  • Weigh-Ins

    -All weigh-ins are at the York Expo Center
    -Weigh-ins will not begin early and will not run late. -Please allow enough time to arrive during one of the weigh-ins.
    -Three weigh-in times to choose from
    -There is no registration for early weigh-ins. Pay at the scale.
    -There is no weight allowance

    Friday, November 5, 2021
    3:00-4:30pm Early weigh-ins ($20 per wrestler)
    6:30-8:00pm Weigh-ins

    Saturday, November 6, 2021
    8:00-9:00am Weigh-ins

    Officials will check skin, nails, hair and facial hair at weigh-ins. Please bring the medical form below if you have any skin issues.

    Medical Release Form

  • Airports

    Harrisburg International Airport (MDT)
    Drive to Expo Center: 35 minutes

    Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI)
    Drive to Expo Center: 1 hour 15 minutes

    Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
    Drive to Expo Center: 2 hour

  • Attractions

  • Past Results



    High School 106
    1st Drew Gorman Teknique WC
    2nd Ethan Rivera LHP/CFWA
    3rd Brycen Arbogast BCP
    4th Carter Nogle Titans WC
    5th Xavier Ortega Triumph
    6th Colin Dragon RHHS
    7th Beau Lewis Virginia Slaughterhouse
    8th Jason Craker Compound-Great Lakes

    High School 113
    1st Coleman Nogle Titans WC
    2nd Evan Rawls Virginia Slaughterhouse
    3rd Jared Brunner Underground
    4th Brendan Callahan Kingsway
    5th Owen Bell Hereford/Headhunters
    6th Santana León Fort Lupton Bluedevils WC
    7th Hunter Cash RHHS
    8th Elijah Johnson Effingham WC

    High School 120
    1st Luke Poore Garnett Trained
    2nd Tyler Knox St. John’s Prep
    3rd Keyveon Roller TNWA
    4th Brendan McCrone Compound/Great Lakes
    5th Nathan Taylor Kingsway
    6th D`Amani Almodovar LHP/CFWA
    7th Zach Lewis LHP/CFWA
    8th Trace Ragland New Kent HS

    High School 126
    1st Danny Nini LHP/CFWA
    2nd Eligh Rivera LHP/CFWA
    3rd Jack Thode McDonald Wrestling Academy
    4th Jacob Wright Titans
    5th John Baier VA Elite
    6th Kaden Schaffer NFWA
    7th Mason Cowell Orange Crush
    8th Camren Baca Effingham County HS

    High School 132
    1st Ty Whalen Seagulls
    2nd Nick Kunstek
    3rd William Henckel Apex
    4th Dyson Dunham Birds of Prey
    5th Mason Steffanelli
    6th Jake Keeling Richmond WC
    7th Joe Davi Apex
    8th Joshua Boykin LHP/CFWA

    High School 138
    1st Brayden Ivy Tennessee Wrestling Academy
    2nd Luke Robie VA Elite
    3rd Joe Gonzalez LHP/CFWA
    4th Josh Palmucci Kingsway/Elite Wrestling
    5th Ethan Smith Compound/Great Lakes
    6th Garrett Hughes LHP/CFWA
    7th Clement Woods Titians
    8th Mason Barrett Libert

    High School 145
    1st Cody Chittum Blair WC
    2nd Nick Fea Wyoming Seminary
    3rd Paul Ognissanti
    4th Braxton Lewis Virginia Slaughterhouse
    5th Matt Hoelke Seagulls WC
    6th Myles Griffin LHP/CFWA
    7th Finnegan Mcfadden Kingsway
    8th Richard Grungo St Augustine Prep

    High School 152
    1st Jonathan Ley LHP/CFWA
    2nd Nicholas Vafiadis New Kent HS
    3rd Hunter Gandy Seagull WC
    4th Alex Poore Garnett Trained
    5th Colby Dalon TNWA
    6th Luke Hart Hanover HS
    7th Brendon Abdon BWC
    8th Thor Michaelson NWWC

    High School 160
    1st Derek Fields Arsenal
    2nd Gunner Filipowicz Level Up
    3rd Dakota Morris Kingsway
    4th Brock Zurawski St Augustine Prep
    5th Daniel Williams LHP/CFWA
    6th Gaetano Console LHP/CFWA
    7th Mason Alley 505 WC
    8th Riley Orr Fort Pierce Central

    High School 170
    1st Joshua Cordio Doughboy
    2nd Greyson Clark Storm Center
    3rd Domonic Baker New Kent HS
    4th Noah Hernandez Smitty’s Barn
    5th Dj DiPietro Kingsway
    6th Brian Gordon South County HS
    7th Austin Raynor Camden Catholic
    8th Aiden McCafferty NC Wrestling Factory

    High School 182
    1st Matthew Singleton Compound
    2nd Cole Hivnor Compound/Great Lake
    3rd Ricardo Harrington VA Elite
    4th Kingsley Menifee Birds of Prey
    5th Parker Ferrell VA Elite
    6th Colton Oliver Amelia County/VA Team Predator
    7th Porter Faulk Westfield-Perry GA
    8th Dylan Tucker Richmond Hill HS

    High School 195
    1st Peyton Craft
    2nd Thomas Godbee Storm Wrestling Center
    3rd Kevin Pandorf Kingsway
    4th Simon Flaherty Northfield Mount Hermon
    5th Isaac Schmidt Princeton WC
    6th Steven Krantz St Lucie Sheriff PAL
    7th Bryan Taylor VA Elite
    8th Benjamin Bell Birds of Prey

    High School 220
    1st Noah Pettigrew Storm Center
    2nd Eli Fortuner VA Elite
    3rd Tristan Middlebrook BWC
    4th Thomas Crawford Richmond Hill
    5th Caleb Gonser Richmond Hill HS
    6th Joshua Kleckauskas Effingham County HS

    High School 285
    1st Chase Horne Storm Center
    2nd Mike Misita Seagulls WC
    3rd Sebastian Garibaldi Empire Wrestling Academy
    4th Sean Horner
    5th Aiden LaComa VA Elite
    6th Mason Thomas Town Center
    7th Gavin Bage MSJ Titans

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