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October 7-8, 2023 Manheim, PA

Columbus Day Duals

Columbus Day Duals is one of the largest and toughest fall dual tournaments in the country, annually drawing over 100 teams and top competition from numerous states.
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Event Info

All participants are required to complete the online waiver. Wrestlers can show the confirmation QR code or email at weigh-ins from a cell phone or by printing a paper copy. Click here to complete.

Date: Saturday & Sunday, October 7-8, 2023 8:00am
Location: Spooky Nook 75 Champ Blvd, Manheim, PA 17545
Email: info@tyrantwrestling.com
Phone: (833) TYRANT1
Adult: $25 per day / $45 all session pass
Children 10 & Under: $10 per day / $20 all session pass
Children 5 & Under: Free


Click here for the Dual Tournament registration

Grade based on 2023-2024 school year
$750 Elementary School: 3rd grade & under Accepting 16 teams
$950 Elementary School: 6th grade & under Accepting 24 teams
$950 Middle School: 8th grade & under Accepting 24 teams
$950 High School: 8th-12th grade Accepting 48 teams
$950 Girls Freestyle: K-12th grade Accepting 24 teams

Entry Fee: $200 non-refundable deposit
Any registration received for sold out divisions will be placed on the waiting list. A refund will be issued to teams not accepted.

Duals Miscellaneous:
-NCAA out of bounds rule
-Girls division is freestyle
-Team awards
-Individual awards for team champions
-Outstanding wrestler award for every team
-Pools / brackets are subject to change based on final number of teams
-Headgear is required

Grade based on 2023-2024 school year

Elementary School: 3rd grade & under
Accepting 16 teams
Entry Fee: $750
Weight Class: 40 44 48 52 56 60 64 68 72 78 84 90
Weight Allowance: 1 lb
Periods: 1:00

Elementary School: 6th grade & under
Accepting 24 teams
Entry fee: $950
Weight Class: 48 52 56 60 64 68 72 76 80 84 88 92 96 100 110 130
Weight Allowance: 1 lb
Periods: 1:30

Middle School: 8th grade & under
Accepting 24 teams
Entry fee: $950
Weight Class: 72 76 80 84 88 92 96 100 105 110 115 120 130 140 160 210
Weight Allowance: 1 lb
Periods: 1:30

High School: 8th-12th grade
Accepting 48 teams
Entry fee: $950
Weight Class: 98 106 113 120 126 132 138 144 150 157 165 175 190 215 285
Weight Allowance: 3 lbs
Periods: 1:30

Girls Freestyle: K-12th grade
Accepting 24 teams
Entry fee: $950
Weight Class: 50 57 64 70 78 84 90 95 100 107 114 120 126 132 138 145 152 165 185 235
Weight Allowance: 1 lb
Periods: 3:00-3:00



Click here for the Free Agent registration 

If you are interested in participating in the Columbus Day Duals but your team is not entered, “free agent” wrestlers compete ever year. Complete the free agent registration to get on this list. Registration is FREE. Please email info@tyrantwrestling.com when a team picks you up so you can be removed from the list (include tournament name, wrestler name, division & weight class). It is important the free agent list remain up to date. 

Hotels & Travel Info

Headquarter Hotel
Spooky Nook Warehouse Hotel


All non-commuting teams participating in the tournament should take advantage of our special event pricing and make all hotel accommodations using our tournament housing services to protect your team.  Please do not call the hotels directly. Instead, please book through the hotel reservation link below. 

Tyrant Wrestling is proud to partner with HBC Event Services, a housing agency with a nationwide reputation for excellence in managing travel for sports events.  HBC Event Services provides an easy way for you to book your hotel rooms with our partnered hotels at the best rates. These rates are always lower than the best available rate online. 


Please call HBC Event Services at (505) 346-0522 and/or email support@hbceventservices.com if you have any questions and/or have any special hotel requests.

Finally, you have the ability to purchase a Travel Protection Plan with up to 100% for covered cancellations reasons as well as a Cancel for Any Reason benefit of 75% coverage of your unused non-refundable prepaid expenses for travel arrangements you paid for your trip, including the event registration costs.

Book your hotel reservation and select YES to add the Travel Protection Plan and protect your trip. Alternatively, you can call HBC directly at 505-346-0522 (Travel Protection Plan can only be added to your booking within 20 days of your hotel reservation date). To see the full terms and conditions of the Travel Protection Plan, please click here.


Harrisburg International Airport (MDT)
Drive to Expo Center: 35 minutes

Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI)
Drive to Expo Center: 1 hour 15 minutes

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
Drive to Expo Center: 2 hour

Transportation - Plan your trip with helpful transportation information from Discover Lancaster.


Visiting Lancaster, PA for a Tournament?
- Make the most of your trip! Click the link above to check out team-friendly restaurants, things to do in your spare time, and more!

Places To Eat Near Spooky Nook Sports Complex


Coupons & Discounts

Lancaster with Teens

Nightlife in Lancaster

Things to Do on Sundays in Lancaster, PA

Spooky Nook Sports Complex is the largest indoor sports complex in the United States! Featuring extensive recreational facilities, including a climbing center, fitness center, food court, arcade, pro shop, hotel, and restaurant all on site! 

Important Info


Friday, October 6, 2023
2:30-4:00pm Duals early weigh-ins ($20 per wrestler)
6:00-7:30pm Duals weigh-ins

Saturday, October 7, 2023
7:00am Doors open
7:30am Coaches meeting
7:30am Score Keeper education
8:00am Wrestling begins
3:00pm Wrestling concludes

Sunday, October 8, 2023
7:00am Doors open
8:00am Wrestling begins
1:00pm Wrestling concludes
Awards at the conclusion
Teams are to report to the awards area

Schedule is subject to change pending final number of teams

All wrestlers are required to complete the online waiver. Wrestlers can show the confirmation QR code or email at weigh-ins from a cell phone or by printing a paper copy. Click here to complete.


All weigh-ins are at Spooky Nook.
Wrestlers may weigh-in individually.
Early weigh-ins available $20 per wrestler.
There are no satellite weigh-ins.
Wrestlers are required to wear a singlet.
Weigh-ins will not begin early and will not run late. Please allow enough time to arrive during one of the weigh-ins.

Friday, October 6, 2023
2:30-4:00pm Early weigh-ins ($20 per wrestler)
6:00-7:30pm Weigh-ins

Officials will check skin, nails, hair and facial hair at weigh-ins. Please bring the medical form below if you have any skin issues.

All wrestlers are required to complete the online waiver. Wrestlers can show the confirmation QR code or email at weigh-ins from a cell phone or by printing a paper copy. Click here to complete.




Elementary 3rd
84 Athletes
Backyard Brawlers
Mat Assassins
U2 Upstate Uprising
Whitted Trained Dynasty
Elementary 6th
Attack Mat Club
Backyard Brawlers
Buffalo Valley WC
Cordoba Trained
Dueling Bandits
Force WC
Grit Mat Club
La Cosa Nostra NJ
Mat Assassins Grey
Mat Assassins White
North Carolina Red
PA Alliance
Team Gotcha
Team Ohio
Terps Xpress ES
Terps Northeast ES
The Savage Barn Brothers
U2 Upstate Uprising
U2 Upstate Uprising Blue
Warhawk Armory
Whitted Trained Dynasty
Middle School
Centurion WC
CP Elite
Dayton Bandits
Dueling Bandits
Grit Mat Club
Iron Horse WC
Mat Assassins Black
Mat Assassins Red
North Carolina
PA Alliance
Revival - 1
Revival - 2
Saint Paris Graham
Steller Trained
Team Gotcha
Team Ohio
Team Shutt
Terps Northeast MS
Terps Xpress MS
Terps Xtreme MS
U2 Upstate Uprising
Vougar's Honors
Western Nebraska Elite
Whitted Trained Dynasty
Whitted Trained Legacy
High School
84 Athletes
Battle Axe
Cavalier Wrestling Club
Centurion WC
Clinic Wrestling
Empire Black
Este Built Elite
Este Built Gold
Este Built Underground
Flickr Boyz Blackbeards
Force WC
Gold Medal WC
Grit Mat Club
Iron Horse
Lost Boys
Mat Assassins
MPR Eagles
Myland WA
New England Gold
NJ Rams Wrestling
Outsiders WC
Prestige Worldwide
Purge GT
Quest WC
Savage WA Black
Savage WA White
Seagull Blue
Seagull White
Sly Fox
South Side WC Black
South Side WC Blue
Steller Trained Black Sun
Steller Trained Crimson Dawn
Steller Trained Hutt Clan
Steller Trained Pyke Syndicate
Team Gotcha
Team Shutt
Team Shutt
Team Shutt
Team Shutt
Team Tugman WC
The Compound RTC
TNWC White
Town Wrestling VHW
U2 Upstate Uprising
Whitted Trained Legacy
Whitted Trained Dynasty
Buccaneers WC
Cordoba Trained
Misfits Butterflies
NJ Select
South Side WC
Tri State Training Center Blue
Tri State Training Center Red


Click here for the Free Agent registration 

If you are interested in participating in the Columbus Day Duals but your team is not entered, “free agent” wrestlers compete ever year. Complete the free agent registration to get on this list. Registration is FREE. Please email info@tyrantwrestling.com when a team picks you up so you can be removed from the list (include tournament name, wrestler name, division & weight class). It is important the free agent list remain up to date.

Weight Wrestler Email
ES3-40 Daniel Beltran mcairasco@gmail.com
ES3-40 Beaux Kerrigan rae.kerrigan@me.com
ES3-40 Emily Kerrigan rae.kerrigan@me.com
ES3-40 Jayce Yothers alyssayothers@gmail.com
ES3-44 Alex Butler msb274@gmail.com
ES3-48 Tyanna Evans rutgerscandi@yahoo.com
ES3-48 Gabe Reisch reischce@gmail.com
ES3-48 Preston Rogers rogershomestead@gmail.com
ES3-48 Jaxson Yothers alyssayothers@gmail.com
ES3-52 Greyson Bosley zachb86@icloud.com
ES6-52 Bohdi Tsikerdanos chic0066@aol.com
ES3-56 Chance Beal jbeal@hudson.k12.mi.us
ES3-56 Ryder Seidman dseidman1@gmail.com
ES3-56 Camren Yantz kgyantz@gmail.com
ES3-60 Arman Bassiri puumptup@aol.com
ES3-60 Jaxson Schwartz slt3400@aol.com
ES3-64 Jackson Bish katiebish@yahoo.com
ES3-64 Kaleb Dempsey kristofer.dempsey@gmail.com
ES3-64 Merrick Mooney hailey.mooney242@gmail.com
ES3-68 Greggy Bachmann Lance@lbcap.com
ES3-68 Chase Schwartz slt3400@aol.com
ES3-72 Madison Sepelya danielle.sepelya@yahoo.com
ES3-78 Bert Dhiman samdhi77@hotmail.com
ES3-78 Enzo Vetere fjv2617@icloud.com
ES3-84 Enzo Vetere fjv2617@icloud.com
ES6-48 Gabe Reisch reischce@gmail.com
ES6-56 Muirenn Bagnell kelly0078@aol.com
ES6-56 Ryan Bridges scott.bridges@hotmail.com
ES6-56 Chance Beal jbeal@hudson.k12.mi.us
ES6-56 Christian Garces crg0284@outlook.com
ES6-56 Emmanuel Salazar danielsalazar706@yahoo.com
ES6-56 Ryker Wright tjw1214@outlook.com
ES6-56 Camren Yantz kgyantz@gmail.com
ES6-60 Joey Lanzilli lanzilli@gmail.com
ES6-60 Jojo Medal medaljoe2@gmail.com
ES6-60 James Peacock rvkaren93@gmail.com
ES6-60 Dominic Rocco touchdownbrowns80@gmail.com
ES6-64 Landon Caro Thomastoomuchcaro@gmail.com
ES6-64 Conner Haynes haynes86@yahoo.com
ES6-64 Aidan Jacob ceobobby@aol.com
ES6-64 Evan Lichtenwalner sarah.lichtenwalner@rcn.com
ES6-64 Killian Ormond brendan.ormond@gmail.com
ES6-64 Nicky Patterson meatis20b@aol.com
ES6-64 Zayne Young kaypainting@me.com
ES6-68 Geno Crooks eugenecrooks@gmail.com
ES6-68 Sam Forman danforman4@gmail.com
ES6-68 Killian Ormond brendan.ormond@gmail.com
ES6-72 Andrew Edwards williamedwardsiv777@gmail.com
ES6-72 Parker Phillips franklips7@gmail.com
ES6-76 Liam Facanin daniel.fecanin@nbcuni.com
ES6-76 Alexander Lobdell dslobdell@gmail.com
ES6-76 Parker Phillips franklips7@gmail.com
ES6-76 JJ Sullivan gailsully@yahoo.com
ES6-76 Vito Naljayan vartandaniel1@gmail.com
ES6-76 Christopher Weiner cweiner@easternmetalworks.com
ES6-80 Elijah Barskiy carolynp711@hotmail.com
ES6-80 Roman Cortese mikecortese@outlook.com
ES6-80 Czarlie Diffee khoshs33@gmail.com
ES6-80 Liam Facanin daniel.fecanin@nbcuni.com
ES6-84 Connor Bruer cbruer7@gmail.com
ES6-84 Tate Goodson toddgoodson5@yahoo.com
ES6-84 Hayden Nozie stezzy21@gmail.com
ES6-88 Maksim Crain mcrain69@gmail.com
ES6-88 Ayden Hudson shane.hudson21@gmail.com
ES6-96 Nabhanya Dhiman samdhi77@hotmail.com
MS-72 Parker Phillips franklips7@gmail.com
MS-72 Garrett Whalen trwhalen514@yahoo.com
MS-72 Troy Baker jedbaker229@gmail.com
MS-76 Liam Facanin daniel.fecanin@nbcuni.com
MS-76 Gabe Green brian.green2@nrg.com
MS-76 Peter Michaluk melmichaluk@gmail.com
MS-76 Ryan Smedley asmedley@optonline.net
MS-76 or 80 Aiden Wright awright@qpkdesign.com
MS-80 Jake Kurtz jonk1982@gmail.com
MS-80 Tripp Rogers rogershomestead@gmail.com
MS-80 Alexander Spagnuolo easpags@yahoo.com
MS-80 Vince von Bernewitz eric@mvbcontracting.com
MS-84 Alexandria Barskiy carolynp711@hotmail.com
MS-84 Casey Pekula pekulat@hotmail.com
MS-84 Leonydes Peraza garcia.meily0@gmail.com
MS-84 Eli Shea jcshea35@gmail.com
MS-88 Zachary Boudreau davefins29@gmail.com
MS-92 Mitchell Chen lingjiao.chen@gmail.com
MS-92 William Edwards williamedwardsiv777@gmail.com
MS-92 Ty Patterson meatis20b@aol.com
MS-96 Lukas Boxley elizabethboxley@yahoo.com
MS-96 Jacob Carr tdcarr31@yahoo.com
MS-96 Camden Hook hookrestoration@gmail.com
MS-96 Herman Littleton hermanlittleton28@gmail.com
MS-96 Gregory Parani Aimeef73@gmail.com
MS-96 Hadyn Strittmatter strittmatterj@gmail.com
MS-100 Dion Mesanko-Coleman jasoncoleman801@gmail.com
MS-100 Chase McVige jjmcvige@gmail.com
MS-100 Dion Mesanko-Coleman jasoncoleman801@gmail.com
MS-100 Landon Pallies Jnp4131@gmail.com
MS-105 Nico Bodrog sbodrog@gmail.com
MS-105 Jack Cherry lee.cherry@whiting-turner.com
MS-105 J.D. Christmann jeffreychristmann@gmail.com
MS-105 Aidan McClure ksmcclure1@comcast.net
MS-105 Aleric Raihl michaelraihl85@gmail.com
MS-110 J.D. Christmann jeffreychristmann@gmail.com
MS-110 Kash Long katie3306@hotmail.com
MS-110 Noah Pieterick dpieterick@aol.com
MS-110 Vander Raczkowski docmiker@gmail.com
MS-115 Michael Crain mcrain69@gmail.com
MS-115 Alex Rosciano avrosciano@gmail.com
MS-120 Joey Frey Rsfrey3407@gmail.com
MS-120 Ben Hall klh1218@gmail.com
MS-130 Nicholas Papiro kristinpapiro@yahoo.com
MS-130 Gavin Richard naterichard@gmail.com
MS-140 Douglas Hesse douglas@formtechnj.com
MS-140 Noah Weiser Mweiser13@gmail.com
HS-98 Bronco Campsey beaucampsey@hotmail.com
HS-98 Vincent DeSomma kelli10299@aol.com
HS-98 Francesca Gusfa beth10856@yahoo.com
HS-98 Reilly Jaedon rilesd3@me.com
HS-98 Mert Ozturk ozkan977@hotmail.com
HS-98 Kelly Sullivan gailsully@yahoo.com
HS-106 Alex Esposito giulianasmom630@gmail.com
HS-106 Sully Karmon hmchugh01@me.com
HS-106 Carter Lanzilli lanzilli@gmail.com
HS-106 Tristan Levin glevin4@aol.com
HS-106 Dominic Litterio tlit76@yahoo.com
HS-106 Bryce Paley darapaley@yahoo.com
HS-106 Brayden Sidney lsidney3@gmail.com
HS-106 Frankie Spagnola saramk@jivemail.com
HS-106 Brennan Sprague kmllvt99@aol.com
HS-106 Christian Stocker mishie113@gmail.com
HS-106 Kolten Terwilliger wendymyers0212@yahoo.com
HS-113 Aristotelis Bobotas alibobotas@gmail.com
HS-113 Cullen Edwards dwedwardsjr@verizon.net
HS-113 Julius Poole juliuspoole97@icloud.com
HS-113 Nicholas Pugliese sammyp74@hotmail.com
HS-113 Hayden Quaker tjquaker@yahoo.com
HS-113 Gavin Rivera josephrivera1000@yahoo.com
HS-113 Drake Rogers rogershomestead@gmail.com
HS-113 Carlos Salazar c.salazar215@yahoo.com
HS-120 Pierce Hoffman mareliz20@msn.com
HS-120 Anthony Olaes teamtjfitness1@gmail.com
HS-120 Benjamin Scheiner lalevin25@hotmail.com
HS-126 Cooper Cammarata pdcammarata@gmail.com
HS-126 Jacob McVige jjmcvige@gmail.com
HS-126 Noah Moderno aliseterch@yahoo.com
HS-126 Cam Murray murrayfamof6@gmail.com
HS-126 Leopold Hanz Tiankee leotiankee@gmail.com
HS-126 Ethan Weiner ew115eagles@icloud.com
HS-132 Brycen Arbogast bretteaa@hotmail.com
HS-132 Cristian Cruz cristianc319@icloud.com
HS-132 Jack Dennis jwdennis@hed.com
HS-132 George Gorgotadze ggorgotadze@gmail.com
HS-132 Daeton Johnson shalaandrob@hotmail.com
HS-132 Saywer Jones thejonzer@gmail.com
HS-132 Lucas Judd robert.judd@charter.net
HS-132 Braydan Lombreglia dan.lombreglia@gmail.com
HS-132 Jacob McVige jjmcvige@gmail.com
HS-132 Jacob Perry danielperry02@gmail.com
HS-132 Caiden Saavedra rodsaavedra1@gmail.com
HS-132 Aiden Sanders 135.sanders@gmail.com
HS-132 Benjamin Spagnoli spagsterj@gmail.com
HS-132 Preston Strickland strickland94@icloud.com
HS-138 Angelo Chierico kmchierico@verizon.net
HS-138 Luke Evans comets.ftball101@gmail.com
HS-138 RJ Garden Savannah.garden@icloud.com
HS-138 George Gorgotadze ggorgotadze@gmail.com
HS-138 Dylan Hart charles8md@aol.com
HS-138 Seth Karpulk karpulkracing@gmail.com
HS-138 Ethan Kerlin hike3500@yahoo.com
HS-138 Noah King noahcking@students.troup.org
HS-138 Lorenzo Lanzilli lanzilli@gmail.com
HS-138 Gio Murphy gmurph0508@gmail.com
HS-138 Cameron Plotts sttolp74@gmail.com
HS-138 Dominick Rossi bodydguard@aol.com
HS-138 Aedan Samson-Huggins Samuggins@gmail.com
HS-138 Kingston Strouse billylori27@aol.com
HS-144 Nick Dellarocca nickdr77@icloud.com
HS-144 Joshua Hickman jacob.t.hickman@gmail.com
HS-144 Seth Karpulk karpulkracing@gmail.com
HS-144 Ethan Kerlin hike3500@yahoo.com
HS-144 Rider Ludrosky dludrosky@hotmail.com
HS-144 Cael Sandberg thects6@icloud.com
HS-144 Christian Shio micheleshio00@gmail.com
HS-144 Logan Sichelstiel pdiffer321@comcast.net
HS-150 Alfredo Bermudez Beatriz_dcd78@hotmail.com
HS-150 Brennan Warwick joshwick1986@gmail.com
HS-150 Kolton Fields turnanburn3@yahoo.com
HS-150 Brandon Karwoski jkarwoski1105@gmail.com
HS-150 Rider Ludrosky dludrosky@hotmail.com
HS-157 Alfredo Bermudez beatriz_dcd78@hotmail.com
HS-157 Ian Cho bcho333@gmail.com
HS-157 Broden Enders brianenders134@gmail.com
HS-165 Jesse DeFonce bennyd0720@gmail.com
HS-165 Jarred O'Neill jim324@optimum.net
HS-165 Jordan Suiter jordansuiter6@gmail.com
HS-175 Decker Bechtold bechtold6@gmail.com
HS-175 Lincoln Carlson Lincolncarlson24@gmail.com
HS-175 Ethan Dalling rene.dalling@gmail.com
HS-175 Caige Horak jhorak@horak.pro
HS-175 Cameron Owens purcellvillefloorsllc@gmail.com
HS-175 Carson Vaillant Brialee2016@Gmail.com
HS-190 Brayden Soleau chris@csoleauassoc.com
HS-215 Charles Weidman weidman119@yahoo.com
Girls-64 Molly Mooney hailey.mooney242@gmail.com
Girls-64 Honor Pluchino dave.pluchino@gmail.com
Girls-70 Jasmine Buck bncourgd@gmail.com
Girls-78 Piper Little dmpaldi@yahoo.com
Girls-78 Cidney Schaffer electric.25@hotmail.com
Girls-84 Jasmine Weiner cweiner@easternmetalworks.com
Girls-90 Paola Perez veterinaria252003@yahoo.com
Girls-95 Emma Cain cainlauren40@gmail.com
Girls-95 Melissa Gallo campos24rj@yahoo.com.br
Girls-100 Sydney Branch mrsamonsanto@gmail.com
Girls-102 Mia Galindo honeyremodeling@gmail.com
Girls-107 Finley Hall klh1218@gmail.com
Girls-107 Clementine O'Brien timobrien80@yahoo.com
Girls-114 Hailey Turner Shellyturner007@gmail.com
Girls-120 Autumn Littleton hermanlittleton28@gmail.com
Girls-120 Saige Olver aspenwhite@gmail.com
Girls-125 Savannah Elling dan.elling@gmail.com
Girls-125 Lexy Pabon xpabon83@gmail.com
Girls-138 Josephine Dollman mike_dollman@yahoo.com
Girls-145 Alexandra Davis inquire@clinicwrestling.com


2023 Columbus Day Duals Tournament Preview

2023 Preview will be released the week of the tournament