Free Agents

If you are interested in participating in the Columbus Day Duals but your team is not entered, we have plenty of "free agent" wrestlers compete ever year. To get on this list, click here to complete the free agent registration. Registration is $12. Please email when a team picks you up so you can be removed from the list (include tournament name, wrestler name, division & weight class). It is important the free agent list remain up to date. Your registration will be updated on the website within 48 hours. This does not guarantee you will be selected by a team.

Weight Wrestler Email
ES3-44 Hunter McDonough
ES3-44 Geno Musiolowski
ES3-60 Dominic Velardi
ES3-68 Cam Johnson
ES6-84 Carter Davis
ES6-96 Garrett Till
MS-92 Ryder Connors
MS-92 Nate Consigli
MS-100 Santino Rodriguez
MS-110 Caio Aron
MS-120 Tommy Grimley
MS-120 Adelynne Till
MS-130 Bray Trivette
MS-140 Luke Spoor
HS-106 Jazz Spaulding
HS-113 Christopher Creason
HS-120 Anthony Basile
HS-126 Jorden Schlossman
HS-132 Wyatt Hale
HS-145 Aidan Squier
HS-152 Buzz Bomberger
HS-160 Oren Bost
HS-160/170 Alexander Holguin
HS-170 Ben Bomberger
HS-170 Noah Rupp
HS-285 Sean Horner