Free Agents

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If you are interested in participating in the Tyrant Duals but your team is not entered, “free agent” wrestlers compete ever year. To get on this list, click here to complete the free agent registration. Registration is FREEPlease email when a team picks you up so you can be removed from the list (include tournament name, wrestler name, division & weight class). It is important the free agent list remain up to date. 

Weight Wrestler Email
ES3-44 Marco Velardi
ES3-56 Merrick Mooney
ES3-56 Maddox Shields
ES3-56 Nico Lissenden
ES3-64 Jett Brenner
ES3-68 or 72 Dominic Velardi
ES3-68 or 72 Max Garcia
ES6-56 Keegan Pearce
ES6-60 Colton Smith
ES6-68 Jake Kurtz
ES6-68 Jackson Torres
ES6-68 Dominik Coleman
ES6-68 Lyam Morningstar
ES6-68 Zayden Bradford
ES6-68 Luke Beck
ES6-72 Jake Kurtz
ES6-72 or 76 Braidyn Taby
ES6-76 Pietro Velardi
ES6-76 Logan Bomgardner
ES6-80 Brycen Buzard
ES6-80 Jace Wright
ES6-84 Ryder Zychek
ES6-84 William Edwards
ES6-84 Mitchell Chen
ES6-88 Nabhanya Dihman
ES6-88 Nathan Fenner
ES6-110 Sean Rowe
ES6-130 Justin Eberhardt
MS-72 Jake Margolis
MS-76 Dylan Luik
MS-80 Brycen Buzard
MS-80 Ziggy Sandobal
MS-80 Hunter Herz
MS-80 Mitchell Chen
MS-84 Gaby Conte
MS-88 Mateo Gallegos
MS-88 Liam Seeley
MS-88 Chase Wirnsberger
MS-92 Caleb Kosko
MS-100 Kamdyn Borrero
MS-100 or 105 Alex Rosciano
MS-105 Noah Aubert
MS-105 Derek Sutphen
MS-105 Jackson Peeples
MS-105 Karson Hopkins
MS-105 Tommy Marchetti
MS-115 Nicholas Papiro
MS-120 Quin Carbone
MS-130 Will LaVallee
MS-140 Kai Lewis
MS-140 Brieon Mayfield
MS-140 Max Firestine
MS-140 Sawyer Ermigiotti
MS-140 Rory Dixon