Free Agents

If you are interested in participating in the Battle in the Burgh Duals but your team is not entered, we have plenty of "free agent" wrestlers compete ever year. To get on this list, click here to complete the free agent registration. Registration is $10. Please email when a team picks you up so you can be removed from the list below. It is important the free agent list remain up to date.


Division Weight Wrestler Parent Email
Elementary School 60 Hayden Seymour Chris Seymour
Elementary School 64 Mateo Gallegos Gabriel Gallegos
Elementary School 84 Max Firestone Justin Firestone
Middle School 72 Dominic DiGiacomo Vince DiGiacomo
Middle School 100 Charlie Campbell Ben Campbell
Middle School 115 Matthew Henrich Matt Henrich
Middle School 210 Kingsley Menifee Michelle Menifee