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If you are interested in participating in the Crusade Duals but your team is not entered, “free agent” wrestlers compete ever year. To get on this list, click here to complete the free agent registration. Registration is FREE. Please email when a team picks you up so you can be removed from the list (include tournament name, wrestler name, division & weight class). It is important the free agent list remain up to date.

Weight Wrestler Email
ES3-44 Kayden Thompson
ES3-52 McKinney Deck
ES3-60 Jackson Beegle
ES3-64 Maggie Jones
ES3-68 Jace Beaston
ES3-68 Wally Jones
ES3-90 Michael Littleton
ES6-48 Gavin Saxton
ES6-60 Levi Sisler
ES6-60 Jackson Beegle
ES6-64 Tyler McLaughlin
ES6-64 Colton Chambers
ES6-72 Dylan Deck
ES6-84 or 88 Levi Ikenberry
MS-72 Gracin Guglielmo
MS-72 Dylan Deck
MS-76-80 Nico Cassano
MS-84 Connor Niehaus
MS-84 Gregory Parani
MS-92 or 96 Ryan Swingle
MS-92 or 96 Jackson Swingle
MS-105 Drake McClure
MS-105 Nicholas McGarrity
MS-110 Joshua Piparo
MS-120 Owen Dennis
MS-140 Stefan Matteo Noronha
MS-140 Stephen Jones
HS-113 Josiah Sykes
HS-120 Elijah Brosius
HS-120 Dylan Hart
HS-145 Moses Eads
HS-160 Brady Singler
HS-170 Landon Jobber-Spence