Free Agents

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If you are interested in participating in the Hall of Fame Folkstyle Duals but your team is not entered, “free agent” wrestlers compete ever year. To get on this list, click here to complete the free agent registration. Registration is FREEPlease email when a team picks you up so you can be removed from the list (include tournament name, wrestler name, division & weight class). It is important the free agent list remain up to date. 

Weight Wrestler Email
Girls-57 Levi Dunkin
Girls-125 Vivienne Legato
Girls-135 Makyah Newlun
ES3-44 Easton Delauter
ES3-48 Kennedy Wheeler
ES3-56 Gavin Bosco
ES3-60 Kenzie Coen
ES3-64 Cyler Gilmore
ES3-64 Byron Rice
ES3-78 Myla McCully
ES3-78 Charlie Jones
ES6-64 Brynlee Gilmore
ES6-64 Payton Pizzuli
ES6-64 Lyam Morningstar
ES6-68 Jaxan Riley
ES6-68 Silas Bennett
ES6-72 & 76 Ayden Hudson
ES6-84 Jack Howard
ES6-84 William Edwards
MS-72 Abram Mccall
MS-72 or 76 Carson Raper
MS-84 Cory Climer
MS-88 Anthony Hajjar
MS-92 Erik Carlile
MS-96 Griffin Dunbar
MS-96 Garrison Raper
MS-100 Lincoln Rohr
MS-105 Brandon Veno
MS-120 Lukas Jordan
MS-120 Isaiah Callahan
MS-130 Adam Phillips
HS-106 or 113 Liam Montgomery
HS-106 Andrew Sorensen
HS-113 Ronald Johnson
HS-120 Dylan Hart
HS-138 Makyah Newlun
HS-145 Nick DeVol
HS-170 Carson Mize
HS-220 Steven Andreone
HS-285 Enrique Guerrero